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Synchronization Systems

Synchronization Genset Systems

R&D Group of EMSA GENERATOR conducts necessary works in terms of lack of high power diesel motor in the world & high costs and develops special projects that provide big benefits for its clients. With multi-generator synchronization systems, users avoid high costs and dependency on single generator. Our specialized personnel design and develop projects in accordance with the demands and requirements of client representatives. First, the required power and number of generators is identified, appropriate scenario is chosen and synchronous system is created accordingly. Generator Synchronization Systems can be categorized into groups such as uninterrupted synchronization, power backup and failure backup systems according to their intended purpose.

They could be divided into two groups as interrupted or uninterrupted (smooth transition) for return to the mains power according to the project details. Control panel built for synchronization system control includes all values measured and derived in a generator. Thanks to the electronic control relays used, production is made in accordance with all protection functions and details in the generator and standards.

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